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We specialize in Australian native plants, in particular those species found in South Eastern Queensland and North Eastern NSW. We also have a selection of rainforest plants from Northern Queensland

At all times we have in stock an extensive range of:

  • rainforest & sclerophyll trees,
  • shrubs & understorey plants,
  • palms & cycads,
  • ferns, and
  • grasses & sedges.

Please click on our “Plant Search” page to learn more about each group of plants. Availability varies from season to season. Please ask if you are looking for something in particular that isn’t listed on our plant list.


We also stock a huge range of Australian natives both cutting grown and seed grown, available in tubes, 100mm & 140mm pots, and some advanced stock for instant effect. Species include Banksias, Callistemons, Eucalypts, Angophoras & Corymbias, Casuarinas, Melaleucas, Hakeas, Leptospermums, Kunzeas, Pultenaeas, Hoveas and more. Check out our plant list.


Burringbar Rainforest Nursery is always ready to help you with advice on your project. From landscape designs to the right selection of plants to make your garden that peaceful area you love. Take a photo on your phone and bring it with you.